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The Expected Sounds Of Minor Music
Emil Friis & Patricio Fraile
Catalogue Number
Release Date
8 grudnia 2023

Danish composers Emil Friis and Patricio Fraile, both known for their illustrious careers in the world of film scoring, have joined forces to create an extraordinary contemporary classical album titled The Expected Sounds Of Minor Music. This innovative collaboration showcases their remarkable talent for crafting evocative, layered compositions that resonate with both simplicity and complexity.

Emil Friis and Patricio Fraile have individually contributed to the world of film music with their unique styles, working on documentaries, feature films, and commissions for Denmark's national broadcasting company, DR. Drawing inspiration from diverse musical backgrounds, their joint project presents a captivating departure from their scoring work, inviting listeners into a world of ethereal melodies and intricate harmonies.

Emil Friis' early voyage into music was established between the grooves of his father's vinyl collection, where legends like Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley spun folk tales, which kindled in him a profound adoration for narrative-infused melodies. Today, he finds continued inspiration in the sincere minimalism of Gavin Bryars' compositions. But also, the works of masters like Bach and Beethoven and Jeff Bridges and Keefus Ciancia’s grossly underrated work Sleeping Tapes influence his artistry.

Patricio Fraile's musical journey began with a rich foundation of devotional music, thanks to his father's role as a church organist. He transitioned from the violin to the viola at a young age, later exploring compositions by Italian movie music maestros Nito Rota and Giovanni Fusco. His exposure to Spanish and flamenco fusionists like Ketama and pop star Ana Belen during long drives to Spain further shaped his eclectic musical palette.

Together, Emil Friis and Patricio Fraile have meticulously crafted The Expected Sounds Of Minor Music for renowned FatCat imprint, 130701. The album, conceived during the winter and spring of 2022 in Copenhagen, deviates from the duo’s scoring work, emphasizing piano and paper for composition over samples. The collection features a string quartet recorded in southern Sweden and solo cello parts performed by English cellist Joe Zeitlin in London. Field recordings and ambient layers complete the album, created in their shared studio.

The album's title, The Expected Sounds Of Minor Music, invites listeners to explore the unexpected within the anticipated. Each piece is designed to evoke different emotions and imagery, ranging from the movements of a dancer (The Endless Number), the long Copenhagen winter (Copenhagen, February), a flock of birds (Interlude), to a lonesome violinist, lost from his orchestra, forever doomed to wander an Orson Wells like cityscape in black and white, in search of his peers (Homeless Note for a Homeless Bow). The compositions reflect the duality of life, encompassing both the major and minor moments.

Emil Friis and Patricio Fraile's The Expected Sounds Of Minor Music is a testament to their commitment to musical exploration and experimentation. The album's layered and intimate sound, along with its ability to encourage contemplation, sets it apart as a unique and captivating musical experience.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Prelude 2:10 Kup


  2. 2 A Moment In Time 2:28 Kup

    A Moment In Time

  3. 3 The Endless Number 2:14 Kup

    The Endless Number

  4. 4 Copenhagen, February 4:31 Kup

    Copenhagen, February

  5. 5 Interlude 2:24 Kup


  6. 6 Morning 1:19 Kup


  7. 7 Lullaby For Sleepy Child 2:55 Kup

    Lullaby For Sleepy Child

  8. 8 Homeless Note For A Homeless Bow 1:55 Kup

    Homeless Note For A Homeless Bow

  9. 9 Somewhere 3:41 Kup


  10. 10 Minor Music 3:43 Kup

    Minor Music

  11. 11 Last City 2:07 Kup

    Last City

Emil Friis & Patricio Fraile

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